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Transcorporal Site and Action 2023
"Transcorporal Site and Action 2023" is an art performance combining storytelling with vocal improvisation, sound generated from Lithuanian bread by electronic instruments, and brainwave activity translated into sound and visuals.

Reflexive Painting 2022
"Reflexive Painting 2022" is an art performance featuring three performers using black paint in various ways as they move around the stage. The traces of paint can be seen on both the floor and on the performers' bodies. The performance is accompanied by a soundtrack of remediated EEG data, adding an additional layer of sensory experience.

Moss 2022
"Moss" is an art performance that explores themes of generational trauma and the connection between nature and memory. The performance centers around the use of moss as a metaphor for the way in which the past is intertwined with the present and the way in which it shapes our identity. Through the use of Moss, the artist aims to create a dialogue about the intergenerational effects of trauma and the importance of acknowledging and remembering the past.

Nomadic Radical Academy 2019

"Techno-voyeurism into a (performing) body" 2019-2023, builds on experiments within performance "Mark-Making" 2015-2019, where my live brain activity during performance was made visible using EEG and custom developed software prototype, first performed at Rum46, Ã…rhus, Denmark on 30.10.2015

PhD research on performance documentation through biometric data from a performing body. "Techno-voyeurism into a (performing) body" 2019-2023, case 2, Riga, Latvia, 2019

Territory, Torun, PL, 2018

The Unbodies:performance at Gallery Platform, Stockholm, SE, 2018

Speaking-Artist-Run:performance at Kh7 Artspace, Aarhus, DK, 2018

The Unbodies Are Making Marks:performance at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE, 2018

The Edge

A Bad Dream

The City of Things



Uniformation 1

Uniformation 2. Escape




Through. Vilnius.